Division Operations

Administrative Unit

The DOI Administrative Unit provides all personnel and business functions for DOI employees. The Administrative Unit is responsible for the oversight of budgets, accounting, contracts, purchasing, records management, vehicle acquisition and tracking, asset management, information technology/telecom and personnel. These services are provided by the Administrative Unit to ensure DOI staff has the necessary support and resources to accomplish their mission.

Enforcement Support Unit

The Enforcement Support Unit (ESU) provides a valuable service for the DCA. Our clients are the Boards, Bureaus, Committees and Commission of DCA, in addition to the investigative staff at DOI.

In 2007, the Division established a unit to independently review, analyze and evaluate sensitive, complex and diverse “Requests for Service” from our client agencies. As a part of the unit’s responsibilities, ESU supports the client agencies’ enforcement programs through the Division’s outreach initiative. The unit consists of a Supervising Investigator, Associate Governmental Program Analysts and Staff Services Analysts.

ESU obtains information and intelligence by verbal interaction, written requests and data base searches. The products of this research are assembled into a case file. After a unit review, the assembled case file is forwarded to a geographically designated field investigation office or is maintained in ESU to be completed.

ESU supports the field investigators by responding to requests for information and acting as the command center for sting and search warrant activities.
The Division’s ability to complete investigative requests in a shorter time frame is directly related to the unit’s ability to review, gather information and resolve complaints/requests within the unit.

In addition, a vital role of ESU is to serve as the lead in the Division’s outreach initiative for our client agencies’ enforcement programs. ESU provides support that includes training of staff, assistance with case backlog, review of complaints, on-site deployment of personnel to clients as needed, special enforcement projects and the coordination of enforcement action by multiple client agencies.

ESU produces the Division’s statistical reports and manages connectivity to ensure compliance for numerous law enforcement and intelligence databases. This includes, the Division’s own Case Administrative Tracking System (CATS).

Investigative Services Team


The Investigative Services Team (IST) is a specialized law enforcement unit within the Division of Investigation. IST provides specialized investigative services, training, and program management within the Division of Investigation (DOI) and the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

IST conducts the following functions and program responsibilities:

  • Internal Affairs Investigations for DOI and DCA.
  • Background Investigations of DOI staff and DCA when requested.

Additionally, IST is responsible for administering the following programs for DCA:

  • Oversight of the Infraction Citation Authority Program.
  • Oversight of the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) clearance system.

IST conducts investigations pursuant to DCA’s Workplace Violence Prevention Policy (WVPP).

  • Threat Assessments – IST conducts threat assessments on every DCA workplace violence incident.
  • Workplace Violence Assessment Team (WVAT) – IST chairs a committee comprised of DOI, Legal Affairs, Health and Safety, and EEO. Each threat assessment is reviewed by the WVAT.
  • Training – IST provides training to Board, Bureaus, Commissions and other entities within DCA regarding workplace violence prevention and the WVPP.

IST provides security within DCA when there is a perceived threat and there is a need for non-uniformed peace officers.

IST serves legal documents to employees on behalf of the DCA Legal Affairs Division when there are concerns that the recipient may become hostile or violent or when it is necessary to locate and serve witnesses for hearings or trials.


  • IST develops, administers and provides Division-wide P.O.S.T. law enforcement training.


  • IST oversees the computer forensics team (CFT). The team provides specialized expert assistance to DOI and DCA with the identification, collection, and examination of computer systems for the purpose of developing evidence in support of investigations or other authorized purposes.

Field Offices

DOI Field Offices provide law enforcement investigative services for the various regulatory boards, bureaus, programs, committees and commissions within the DCA. Our goal is to protect the health, safety and welfare of California consumers by conducting investigations and by filing criminal, administrative and civil actions against subject licensees on behalf of the client agencies.

Examples of investigations that DOI routinely performs include:

  • Prescription/Medical Narcotics Enforcement
  • Unlicensed Activity
  • Illegal Practice of Medicine
  • Wrongful Death
  • Patient Abuse
  • Identity Theft
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • False Advertising
  • Incompetence
  • Fraud
  • Underground Economy
  • Assault

DOI has 156 peace officers located in twenty-two offices in Southern California, Northern California, the Bay Area and the Central Valley.